Needless to say this is not funest part when it comes to building your firearm. These kits have come in a few different De-Milled versions. One where all the parts have been completely removed by drilling them or fully attached to torch cut receiver section. The latter seem to be more prevalent these days and we have come to appreciate this method more. Flanges that look like swiss cheese can be hard to neatly weld back on unless you build race cars for a living and were weaned on a tig torch.

After doing this several times the follow method is what we’re currently employing.

 step 1

First off cut away the excess tube leaving enough margin for a pair of pliers to get ahold of.

step 2


If you inspect the front face you can see the spot weld locations. This part looked like it only had 2 on each flange. Trying to visualize the weld through to the inside drill a shallow hole at each location. Be careful not to go too deep into the flange itself. I you look closely you can see the layer in your hole. You can gently test with the pliers by trying to peel back the edge. This was on pretty good still so we stepped the drill size and added a third hole in the center for good measure. Use a shallow angled drill. Not a 90 degree or even 118. These are 135 degree cobalt split tips that we’re using here.



step 3

Now we were able to pull back the outer edge around a few holes without too much torque on the piece. The goal is to leave the flange in its original shape.

step 4


As you can see we are only slightly into the good metal underneath. Next keeping an eye on the depth grind away between the remaining holes. This will allow you to pull away the sides to completely remove the tube remnant’s.  

 step 5


step 6