We are beginning to move forward on our CZ receiver production since our recent ATF approval.  Our new 4th axis capabilities allowed us to better our precision in manufacturing this unique firearm. 

4th Axis

We’re offering our simplest version of this receiver first. Referred to as type 1, this is our Basic blank tube with all the Mill work finished. We have installed the Blocking Bar per ATF requirements and the flanges for the Fire Control Group have also been pressed out. The ramp in the charging handle slot is formed as well. 


she 1952


Our method of pressing out the flange has gotten consistent enough now that we can locate the mounting holes for the trigger group.  These holes can help with the alignment of the grip frame providing the curved mounting flanges on the frame haven’t been bent or damaged removing it from the original cut tube. The following photo shows the grip just held in place by the trigger group. The magazine is also a good thing to use for testing the alignment.  It’s recommended that you tac weld your components to check alignment before fixing them permanently .Grip placement

We had made an elaborate jig to locate the grip for welding first to help locate these holes because of the way the trigger pins to grip frame.  But if you take your time aligning everything in this manner you should be able to achieve a correct enough grip placement.

The other parts go on pretty easy. This type 1 receiver will need the trunnion welded in.

This receiver will give you a good jump start on your project if you choose to use it.

VZ2000 Duracoat

This finished Firearm is painted with Duracoat "VZ2000" the end cap is untouched from the parts kit. The color is just about spot-on.