The following shows the bolt conversion we do for our semi auto CZ 24/26 (RMZ 26)


The photo below shows our converted bolt in the foreground compared to an original bolt. Note we remove the sear engagement (the step on the front left-hand side). We also remove additional material to allow the modified bolt with clearance to avoid our blocking bar required in the semi auto receiver. The side walls are also milled to work with our striker component. This also eliminate the full auto follower divot visible on the rear most wall.

CZ Bolt

An important feature that must be incorporated to make this an “closed bolt” system is the addition of a firing pin. The hole on the right side of our bolt locates a roll pin we use to capture the pin. The pin is custom made for the gun and replacements are available.

SA components

Here is a profile of the bolt with the semi auto system. Note the semi auto system is not included in a bolt conversion. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Conversion drawing


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